Obama speech beamed from LED screen

Obama speech beamed from LED screenPassengers on a major cruise line will be able to watch Barack Obama's inauguration speech on LED screens.

Princesses Cruises is ensuring that its guests do not miss out on the President-elect's swearing-in ceremony on January 20th by broadcasting it live on LED displays.

Ships which have LED screens installed as part of the Movies Under the Stars scheme will broadcast the event to external areas of vessels.

In addition to the speech, the screens will display the day's activities, which include Obama's official oath.

Ships are also throwing parties to celebrate the event where guests can indulge in themed snacks while watching the LED screens.

Jan Swartz, executive vice president of the cruise line, stated that the displays will be a hit with passengers.

"We recognise the intense interest in the inauguration events," she said.

"This year this significant ceremony certainly fits with our dedication to providing these memorable viewing opportunities."

Other events planned for broadcast by the company include the Super Bowl XLIII and the Oscars.

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