Nike exercise gadget uses LED display

Nike exercise gadget uses LED displayA new device aimed at people who are concerned about improving their levels of fitness has been created by Nike and it features an intriguing LED display, which provides information about activity levels throughout the day.

The Nike+ FuelBand is the gadget in question and it is not just designed to be used while you are exercising but is, instead, intended to sit on your wrist all day and give you points across a long period, so that you can rate your activity levels. Consequently, this can encourage you to get out and about more.

You can set yourself activity goals which you plan to accomplish each day. Before you reach the target the LED display will be showing up in red, but as soon as you reach your recommended level, you will see the screen flash up in green, giving you instant, gratifyingly visual feedback on how you are doing.

The FuelBand can be connected up to your PC via a USB connection and you can then transfer all of the data that it has gathered to the Nike+ online repository, letting you access the information wherever you are and see the specific points of interest in far more detail.

Nike is not the first company to come up with this type of gadget, since JawBone launched its own similar device in 2011. This not only tracked your daily movement but was also on hand to analyse sleep patterns.

However, Nike's FuelBand will be an unique piece of kit when it does arrive, since the JawBone gadget has been called back to the factory after multiple users reported problems with the internal components.

The small, low powered LED display is ideal for this kind of device because it is both discrete enough to be portable and engaging enough to provide all the information that the user requires at a glance.

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