Next generation LED streetlights to be tested in San Francisco

Next generation LED streetlights to be tested in San FranciscoStreet lights are a vital part of any community, although many councils in the UK are attempting to find ways of making them much more efficient in order to both save money and reduce carbon emissions.

A new scheme, set to be trialled in San Francisco, could hold a few answers to the street light efficiency conundrum, since the use of LED systems will hopefully prove that this type of technology is viable on an international level.

Just three neighbourhoods within the famous Californian city will be getting new LED streetlights, which are controlled via a wireless network, although there are plans to expand this technology into all of the lamps owned and operated by the local authorities.

This would include about 60 per cent of San Francisco's total street lights, since the other 40 per cent belong to a separate private company.

The use of LEDs in the streetlights means that they will be significantly more energy efficient than standard bulbs currently used. Energy bills should therefore be lower and the council will be able to recoup its investment in updating the city's lighting quite quickly.

Meanwhile, the use of a Wi-Fi based control scheme will mean that the lights can be dynamically managed throughout the day, providing the most appropriate levels of illumination which are befitting of a modern, forward-thinking city.

It is hoped that the use of LED systems will mean that the streetlights are not only cheaper and easier to control, but also afford better levels of safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. LEDs will provide a white light, which is neutral yet bright, giving plenty of visibility, while seeming similar to the natural light provided by the moon, according to a spokesperson for the project.

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