Next Gen Of LED Event Displays Unveiled

It’s no secret that the LED display industry has been moving towards more effective, durable and brighter screens and now one company has unveiled what it describes as “the smallest pixel pitch LED display for the live events and rental market”.

Commercial Integrator reported on the new technology launched by SiliconCore Technology, which is set to showcase its LED screens at the June event InfoCom 2018.

One of the main things that the firm wants to share is its new pixel design - Tetra Pixel. The aim of this change is to minimise the damage caused to individual pixels by allowing them to be positioned in a more compact way.

The company also boasts that it is the “brightest LED display available for rugged environments”, with its screen delivering 1,200 nits of brightness.

SiliconCore CEO Eric Li explained that improving durability of external LED screens was the next challenge his company wanted to tackle.

“The next phase is in durability addressing the susceptibility of smaller pixel pitch display to physical damage,” he stated. 

The company is launching the screen in a 500mm x 500mm cabinet format, which has wireless connectivity and is cable-free, making it ideal for use in event spaces.

A number of trends are emerging in the display marketing industry this year, including that of MicroLEDs. This technology was recently praised in an article for Markets Insider, in which one industry expert stressed that MicroLEDs are superior to standard LED screens because there isn’t the same pixelation of images when MicroLEDs are used.

While these might be the next big thing in display marketing, they have yet to make it into the mainstream because they’re not in mass production.

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