Next-gen LED signs grace US retail chain

Next-gen LED signs grace US retail chainUS retail chain Westfield Media Group has harnessed a range of cutting edge LED displays to form part of its ostentatiously-named Digital Spectacular Network at shopping centres across the US.

The LED systems are being supplied by Daktronics and a vast audience will be reached by the content that appears on the HD ready displays around America, at locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and elsewhere.

Three of the locations have double sided LED displays which rear 18 feet into the air and measure 13 feet across. These displays are made even more versatile thanks to the fact that they can be rotated through 360 degrees and they are accompanied by outdoor-ready single sided LED signs with the same dimensions.

Westfield Media Group's David Askew, said that the implementation of such large, flexible LED displays in shopping centres is being seen as a US first. The group has a history of working with Daktronics after it used its services in the Australian malls which it also operates.

Mr Askew explained that a number of different types of content would be present on the displays, with video streaming, live updates, interactive elements and ad space all combined into a shifting, engaging experience for visitors to the outlets.

Around half of the content will be reserved for advertisers while a quarter is allotted to the marketing of the particular shopping centre and the final quarter is comprised of feeds covering news, sport and the latest weather updates. The displays will show eight minutes of content running cyclically, with the potential to update throughout the day.

The LED systems can be operated by anyone with an internet connection and a PC. The management tools allow for multiple, different types of display to be integrated into a single unified system, adding to the overall convenience.

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