Next gen LED displays perfected by Samsung

Next gen LED displays perfected by SamsungSamsung has announced that its work with Super AMOLED display technology has progressed to the point where it can now manufacturer commercially viable seven inch displays.

At the moment several of Samsung's high-end smartphones sport Super AMOLED displays, including the Galaxy S and Omnia 7, but for the time being four inches is the largest size which these impressive new LED displays have reached.

The significance of this seven inch LED display is that the recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is a tablet computer designed to compete with the Apple iPhone, also has a seven inch screen, albeit one based on older technology. This suggests that when the second generation of this mobile computing solution arrives, it could have an LED display that will blow the competition out of the water.

Samsung's seven inch Super AMOLED display is not going to make a public appearance until the FPD-International event takes place in Japan, but a few details about the display's credentials have been made available. It will support a native resolution of 1200x600 and production will begin in the summer of next year.

The benefits of using Super AMOLED technology in place of LCD or even standard LED displays is that the clarity and legibility of the onscreen image is much improved and of course colour and contrast ratios are vastly superior thanks to each individual pixel generating its own light and colour.

The size of these LED displays and their availability to consumers are gradually increasing, although it looks like there is still a long way to go until the digital signage market is dominated by boards which harness the technology. In the next few decades this is likely to change as manufacturing becomes more advanced and prices drop.

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