New US sports arena gets unique LED display array

New US sports arena gets unique LED display arrayThe Barclays Center opens its doors this month for the first time in Brooklyn, New York, as part of a major, multibillion dollar urban renewal project.

This indoor arena will play host to a variety of events and sports, although perhaps the most impressive feature will be its various LED systems, some of which are entirely unique and fully customised to fit in with this fresh development.

Within the arena itself there are a number of large scale LED displays with high definition resolutions, which will be used to provide coverage of events while they are in process, as well as giving visitors information when they are at the venue.

The most interesting LED display is actually a full 360 degree marquee setup, which encircles the structure which protrudes over the exterior concourse next to the main entrance to the arena.

It covers an area of around 3,000 square feet, measuring a total of 190 feet in circumference and displaying a wide variety of engaging content, from Barclays-branded messages to information about the time, weather conditions and what is currently taking place within the arena itself.

In the centre of the arena are a number of LED displays suspended high above the floor, with four main panels being complemented by a number of supplementary screens.

All in all, the setup is something that visitors will definitely remember and it helps to give the new Barclays Center plenty of personality.

The use of LED displays, ribbon screens and marquees also means that the venue is taking advantage of some of the latest technology that is offered by this industry.

It is likely to set the gold standard that other new builds will have to follow in the coming years, so as not to look behind the curve.

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