New Technology Used In LED Advertising Screens

It’s no secret that the technology being utilised in LED screens is advancing at a rapid pace. However, now two organisations have developed a new kind of LED display.

Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine (MEM) UK reported on the innovation from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Neonelectro, which sees LED displays created using a hybrid manufacturing process.

The new LED screens are based around a flexible electronic substrate, which is immersed in an overmolded polymer that provides protection to the components. The result of this new manufacturing process is a lightweight and flexible LED display.

VTT’s project manager Eveliina Juntunenof told the publication: “The LED advertising panel enables the creation of a dynamic look for large area applications, or those that require a 3D shape, such as vehicles.”

The fact that these LED screens can be moulded into 3D shapes opens up a world of opportunities for advertising and interesting installations.

Another advantage to this new technology is that it’s even more energy efficient that traditional LED displays, because the overmolding lowers the temperature of the LEDs by approximately 20 per cent.

LED screens have steadily been growing in size, with technological innovations enabling them to be used in ever-more situations. Recently, for instance, a 300 ft LED screen was showcased at the Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2017 cloud user conference.

At this event, the giant screen provided the backdrop for the primary stage used by the keynote speakers at the conference. In addition, two 60 ft-long screens were installed to the left and right of the main screen.

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