New smartphone could still feature flexible LED display

New smartphone could still feature flexible LED displayAlthough there has been much conjecture over the subject of whether or not Samsung will be introducing a smartphone with a flexible organic LED display in 2013, it does seem increasingly likely, based on the latest rumours.

It is now thought that the Galaxy Note 3, which should go on sale in the autumn, could well be endowed with a flexible screen, making it the first smartphone to feature this type of technology.

Various sources have conflicting reports to offer, but it is currently believed that Samsung actually has a trio of potential designs for the handset under consideration, one of which features the flexible screen.

Using UPB LED display technology, the Galaxy Note 3 will apparently be able to bend and take the pressures of physical force with greater ease than any other device to date. reports that a source close to the manufacturer believes the screen to be six inches across the diagonal and because of the limitations of UPB LED hardware, it will only have a 720p HD resolution.

This may be something of a disappointment for those who had hoped to see a full HD 1080p pixel count, as is found on the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, if this sacrifice is required to make flexible display technology a reality, then it may be worth accepting.

The screen will be just a third as thick as other display hardware, as well as being lighter, but of course with the same number of pixels stretched across a wider area, it will also have a lower ppi count than the previous generation Galaxy Note device.

LED displays are making a variety of advances possible in the mobile space and if flexibility and durability are endowed as a result of this development, then handset fans can rejoice.

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