New Samsung Galaxy Note expected to sport 5.9 inch LED display

New Samsung Galaxy Note expected to sport 5.9 inch LED displaySamsung has been pushing the boundaries of smartphone screen size for some time and tends to favour the use of organic LED displays for its flagship models.

Now it is being reported that the third device in the Galaxy Note range will be making its first appearance this month at an event held in the US, complete with a new 5.9 inch OLED display in tow.

Korea Times is circulating these rumours, which apparently originate from a hardware supplier with ties to Samsung, so there is a chance that they are actually genuine.

If the Galaxy Note 3 does indeed have a 5.9 inch OLED display then it will be significantly larger than any of its forebears.

The first Galaxy Note had a 5.3 inch screen, which was at the time something of a revelation. Its follow up bumped the diagonal measurement up to 5.5 inches and now the third iteration will go even further.

What will make the Galaxy Note 3's OLED display even more impressive is the fact that it will almost certainly use a full HD 1080p resolution.

This will give it the same number of pixels as most big screen LED displays, albeit squeezed into a much smaller area. The recently revealed Samsung Galaxy S4 has a similarly impressive resolution and has been wowing the press ahead of its international release.

Interestingly, it seems that Samsung is one of the few companies that is using LED-based technology for high end smartphone displays at the moment.

Its rivals are sticking to LCD panels, which lack the same contrast levels and colour saturation as the rich OLED screens of the Galaxy Note range.

Hopefully, the official unveiling of the Galaxy Note 3 will live up to expectations, particularly in the display department.

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