New LED sign technology for businesses

New LED sign technology for businessesLED displays manufacturer Sentina has come out with a new range of LED signage which is intended to appeal to small business owners and those looking for a novel and practical way in which to communicate information.

The Sentina uSign range is being marketed as a technically advanced solution for those looking to save money and run a more eco-friendly business without compromising on quality and functionality.

The uSigns are marketed as being suitable for a whole range of situations. Professional photographers could use them in order to display their wares to window shoppers and restaurants might employ them as a quick way in which to display menus that can be altered on the fly when new dishes are made available or ingredients run out.

Sentina says that the LED technology used in its uSigns is 20 per cent brighter than standard LEDs and that there is minimal waste caused by heat emission, making them extremely efficient to operate continually.

The green credentials appear impressive, as the frames containing the LED displays are constructed from recycled plastics. Each LED display will apparently cost less than 3 pence per day to operate. On top of all this, the panels are cheap to manufacture and consequently inexpensive to buy.

Sentina's president Mei Noguchi said that the technology used to create the new uSign range made older fluorescent lighting, which would typically perform the same functions for many businesses, appear decidedly archaic.

Sentina says that the uSign panels can be arranged in any way to suit the particular requirements of the business in question. Those enterprises that find their budgets consumed by constantly having to print, for example, new menus, may be able to make additional savings by using a single LED display.

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