New LED display technology allows for better definition and brightness

New LED display technology allows for better definition and brightnessA new type of LED display module has been developed by Lumiode, with the intention of improving the performance of a variety of devices and signage solutions.

While an average large scale LED display will pack multiple LEDs onto a single usable grid, usually in arrays of around 48 per unit, this is not really appropriate if you want to equip smaller devices, like smartphones or tablets with an equivalent solution.

However, the new micro display created by researchers manages to put a grid of 50 by 50 LEDs onto a surface area of just one square millimetre, according to

Lumiode spokesperson, Brian Tull, said that this new dinky display unit would exceed the brightness of a standard backlit LED display by a factor of 30, in part because of the sheer density of the LEDs, but also because it does not simply provide illumination for an LCD panel.

This makes it much better for use in direct sunlight, which is important for smartphones devices and also has relevance in outdoor signage.

Because each LED acts as its own pixel and is independently powered, it can deliver those true blacks that are only usually attainable with plasma screens, according to Mr Tull.

This LED display is so bright that it is not only suitable for use as a screen on various device types, but can also be harnessed to create miniature, highly efficient projectors.

By adding a lens, it is possible to integrate this type of unit into smartphones and tablets, turning them into portable projection tools.

There have already been pico projector integrations in mobile handsets, but this trend has yet to take off in the mainstream. If the new LED display proves to be efficient and affordable, that might all change.

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