New casino integrates LED displays for entertainment and information

New casino integrates LED displays for entertainment and informationThe Galaxy Macau casino and resort has recently opened and it is leveraging the full power of LED displays in order to attract the punters from the outside and then keep them happy once they are in the large complex.

A pair of outdoor LED displays measuring 13 metres by 10 metres are built into opulent housings on the casino's exterior and a plethora of smaller screens can be found throughout its expansive interior.

LED displays have long been chosen by casino operators in Las Vegas to promote their various shows and attractions, but now it looks like other international venues are catching onto this trend, as the Galaxy Macau proves.

Spokesperson, Peter Chan, said that the outdoor LED displays had been picked by the hotel's owner because they would provide superior brightness and higher resolutions than alternatives, particularly given that they will typically be viewed by people during daylight hours when ambient light can have a drastic impact on the legibility of lesser screens.

The Galaxy Macau casino and resort has cost close to �1.2 billion to complete and it houses more than 50 eateries and drinking holes and it even has its own artificial beach. Half a million square metres of floor space allow for thousands of slots and hundreds of places to gamble within.

Macau has its fair share of casinos and hotels, with the StarWorld venue getting its own LED displays three years ago.

With the engaging, highly visible content making this new mega-casino stand out, LED displays will continue to be chosen for the world's most over the top development ventures.

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