NEC introduces new touchscreen LED displays

NEC introduces new touchscreen LED displaysA large scale LED display with touchscreen capabilities has been launched by NEC, offering a 65 inch panel, along with multitouch capabilities designed to cater to commercial applications, according to Digital Signage Connection.

The display itself combines LED backlighting with an LCD panel and forms part of the V Series range, with a variety of potential uses suggested by the manufacturer.

The tactile sensitivity makes it suitable for use in retail environments, the catering industry, large corporations and even educational institutes. And because up to six touches can be registered simultaneously, it is also possible for several users to manipulate it at the same time.

The LED display is endowed with a 1080p resolution and coated in a layer of protective glass, which is also able to resist reflections and improve legibility, even if ambient lighting levels are high.

The touch sensitivity is enabled via a quartet of cameras and NEC spokesperson, Rachel Karnani, said that this would give businesses a fresh raft of options to enable engagement with customers, employees and partners.

One of the reasons that touchscreen technology is becoming more popular in the commercial display market is that consumers are now increasingly familiar with this type of interactivity option, thanks to smartphones and tablets.

Indeed, there could be said to be an expectation that any display encountered by modern consumers will have touchscreen capabilities, the omission of which could be a disappointment and a barrier to engagement.

This LED display from NEC is just one of the options on the market at the moment, with other large scale solutions possessing similar qualities.

Such screens can be deployed in a diverse array of circumstances and help companies to boost the fluidity of their on-site services, in a way that feels futuristic and forward-thinking.

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