Multipurpose LED Displays developed by NEC

Multipurpose LED Displays developed by NECNEC has recently unveiled a new range of LED Displays which can be used at indoor and outdoor events, depending on the model, to create uniquely engaging digital signage experiences suitable for a wide range of occasions.

NEC suggests that the LED systems will be able to integrate into setups at travel interchanges and sports venues or stand alone as contemporary versions of billboards where advertisers will be able to involve a wide audience.

The new LED displays use technology called true pixel to provide the best possible colour reproduction because rather than having the red, green and blue elements housed separately, the displays' individual pixels will contain all three core component colours.

Various modern software techniques will allow firms to make the most of the displays and give them the power to minimise errors and artefacts caused by improper pixel mapping.

NEC's Keith Yanke, said that it was through thorough analysis of the digital signage market that the firm had been able to create a product that was flexible enough for most conceivable situations.

Mr Yanke said that businesses and venues with high capacities or through-traffic would benefit most from these LED display modules, highlighting retail arcades and music arenas as two good examples of where this type of digital signage can be most effectively applied.

The LED displays can be erected for temporary purposes or as a permanent fixture, which is particularly useful for those who want to implement the displays outdoors and minimise the time it takes to construct and dismantle the setup.

NEC has said that the first shipment of the new LED displays will begin in October 2010 and an accompanying three year warranty will be active on all deliveries, which will be custom manufactured to meet the requirements of each client.

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