Motorway-mounted LED display provides publicity for Piers Morgan

Motorway-mounted LED display provides publicity for Piers MorganThe LED display that is mounted on the side of the M4 motorway has been recently used to promote the new nightly news show fronted by Piers Morgan, which is now running on the CNN network at the same time slot vacated by outgoing veteran Larry King.

The M4 Torch is operated by advertiser JCDecaux and its position means that millions of drivers and passengers pass by it, giving great exposure to any of the content which is shown on its LED display, which is almost seven metres high and four and a half metres across.

One of the reasons that the M4 Torch display is so effective is because much of the passing traffic is heading to or from Heathrow Airport, ensuring that many international travellers see the screen and thus giving advertisers and promoters a wider remit in terms of the type of content which can be broadcast on it.

Mr Morgan is not the only beneficiary of this double sided LED display, as a total of three different campaigns can be run at a given time, operating on a rotation, which allows them to receive equal air time to maximise the impact throughout the day.

The M4 Torch is just a single aspect of the campaign which CNN is hoping will propel the former newspaper editor turned media personality into the spotlight.

The network is losing out in a ratings war with Fox News and MSNBC in the US and Mr Morgan is largely unknown there for anything other than his appearances on TV talent shows, which has allowed him to operate without any of the stigma that is attached by certain areas of the UK public. Using a prominent LED display is definitely the best way to get people talking about the new show.

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