MicroLEDs Top Display Marketing Trend

Technology is evolving rapidly in the display marketing sector, which means it can be difficult to keep up not only with what’s on offer but with how appropriate the different options actually are.

Writing for Markets Insider, chair of marketing for the Society for Information Display Sri Peruvemba highlighted what he believes are the top ten technology trends in the electronic displays sector.

Among them was the rise of MicroLEDs, which he predicts will increasingly compete with LCD and OLEDs for both indoor and outdoor signage.

“MicroLEDs offer bright, beautiful images while omitting the pixelation that occurs with standard LED screens,” he asserted. Although Mr Peruvemba acknowledged that, with MicroLEDs not yet in mass production, they aren’t in a position to challenge established LED display options yet, he expects the technology to do so in the future.

At CES 2018, Samsung offered businesses a glimpse of what the future could hold with its 146-inch MicroLED display. During that event, the company showed that the display could virtually disappear into its background - an impressive feat.

Other top technology trends identified by Mr Peruvemba include wearable tech, smart surfaces and electronic schoolbooks. With so many new products being developed it can be difficult for marketers to know where to begin with things.

Digiday UK recently highlighted the fact that this change is happening too quickly for many marketers.

Attendees at the Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit Europe, which was recently held in Estoril, Portugal, revealed that they found ad tech “a baffling environment that would require more time to tame than it’s worth”.

However, Gavin Owen, digital strategy director at Jellyfish, told the news provider that it’s important for marketers to understand supply-side platforms and why different options work in different scenarios.

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