Mercedes at your service - with a little help from LEDsynergy

Take your treasured Mercedes in for a service at the Basingstoke dealership and you will now automatically be directed to an individually designated drop-off bay by a unique combination of technology.

As part of its customer care and services enhancement programme, the dealership has erected some new signage that incorporates an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system that’s coupled to an integral LED display board.

The sign typically displays a general welcome greeting but as a vehicle that’s pre booked in for a service visit approaches the entrance, an ANPR system, provided by CitySync, recognises the vehicle and a personalised pre-programmed message is then displayed on the double lined LED text board, developed and installed by LEDsynergy, directing it to a specific, designated parking bay; adding that personal touch.

“Society is increasingly returning to traditional values for service and support in order to regain a commercial edge,” explained Jeremy Harwood of LEDsynergy. “A personalised greeting, albeit an automated one, still helps build a good relationship and enhances the overall experience each Mercedes driver receives as they arrive to drop off a car for its service.  Similarly, from our perspective it wasn’t simply about delivering a piece of kit; more a case of working with the dealership to create a bespoke solution that both met the technical requirements and embraced all the positive values.”

This practical and cost effective solution again demonstrates what can be achieved with LED signage when a little imagination is added into the mix. The weatherproof housing was fabricated in the UK using quality materials including Tri-colour LED modules with a 7.6mm spacing (pitch) between each so that the sign is highly legible from at least 20 metres away. The ANPR system is also integrated into the dealership’s computer network and information is updated via a TCP/IP link.

Mercedes HQ in Milton Keynes is also a firm believer in the power of LED information displays and recently ordered a new production board from LEDsynergy. Measuring 2400 x 610mm the board enables Mercedes-Benz management to keep track on the daily orders, group sales and actual registrations of its new commercial vehicles.  Data is automatically taken from the IT server, processed via a simple computer programme and then wirelessly transmitted to the board.

“This solution is typical of the LED information displays we regularly build and install across the UK and beyond,” concluded Jeremy Harwood. “They can truly enhance any manufacturing or production activity and are an excellent way of keeping a workforce informed about how they are doing on a daily basis. We often take regular access to a PC or smart device for granted but many staff don’t have this in there general day-to-day work and an LED board is the perfect alternative. Coupling it into existing computer systems also mean that it’s effortless to keep the information up to date and it can also be used to provide vital health & safety type information to them.”

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