Malls Must Use Tech To Change Shopping Experience


There’s no doubt that the shopping experience is changing and that traditional high street retailers are struggling. In a recent article for WWD senior designer and technologist at ESI Design Emily Webster explained that retailers need to embrace technology to improve customer experience.

Bespoke LED displays can go a long way towards helping achieve this goal, she explained, citing various examples where the likes of digital art is being displayed in malls, and retailers are tapping into VR to help customers imagine actually using their products in the real world.

Ms Webster noted that one of the keys to the success of these experiences is that they’re shareable and that’s what helps create a buzz around a customer experience.

The Muscat Grand Mall in Oman has become one of the latest places to adopt an LED display on something of an epic scale with the aim of improving customer experience.

AVI Interactive reported on the installation of the largest LED tower of its kind in the Middle East.

This main tower is 13m tall and each side of it is 4.6m wide, while there’s an LED floor surrounding the tower, and a further ten smaller LED pillars located along the sides of the shopping centre.

Managers at the shopping centre wanted the installation to provide an engaging customer experience, that was also fun, informative, entertaining and interactive, the news provider noted.

A variety of content is showcased on the impressive LED tower, including advertisements for retailers within the mall, as well as messages from sponsors, weather information, local news, social media feeds and even interactive games.

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