Major LED display investment by US race track

Major LED display investment by US race trackThe Circuit of the Americas, which is based in Austin, Texas, has recently announced that it will be integrating five new permanent LED displays and a number of temporary rented screens within the next few months.

The high definition permanent LED screens will be complimented by an additional 17 displays, during the course of the F1 US Grand Prix, which is being held in November this year.

Three of the LED displays which are going to be a permanent feature of the track can be found within the pit building, each of which will measure 15 feet vertically and 29 feet horizontally, to deliver excellent widescreen aspect ratios.

The two remaining displays will be built into the grandstand, so that fans can see the action in detail. The same vertical measurement will be present on these displays, although they will be a little shorter horizontally, with a 21 foot expanse.

The organisers at the race track wanted to create a uniform, centralised audio and video solution, which could be easily controlled.

In terms of financial and energy efficiency, the LED screens were also preferable, with power consumption much lower than alternative options, which, in turn, leads to lower bills for electricity and maintenance. This makes them appealing in both the short and long term, for those responsible for running the track.

In terms of content, it is reported that the displays will be harnessed to showcase live video feeds during the events, interspersed with replays, adverts, animations and some more interactive elements, which help to get fans involved.

It is arguable that American venues are leading the way when it comes to adopting LED display technology.

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