Made in Britain - and Proud!

Made in Britain - and Proud!Made In Britain.

In 2004, we set up an office in Hong Kong, to help us ensure that products and components that we sourced in China, were manufactured to European, and more importantly our own high standards.

Since that time we have been fortunate in winning some valuable contracts that were looking for a complete new design solution. We have proudly undertaken these projects using solely UK companies and suppliers.

We have recently overhauled our thoughts and our position on manufacturing…..with a major benefit to our carbon footprint.

We feel that we have a moral obligation to use British companies and services, but only if we can ensure that costs can remain keen for our customers and products can be of similar or better quality.

With a lower labour rate China is always cheaper, but when the costs of shipping, 3 tons of equipment recently cost £13,000, we know we can compete!

To this end, we have recently helped with the purchase of CNC machinery at our local metal fabricator, and have started manufacturing as much as we can in the UK.

In the past year we have achieved almost 50% of our annual turnover with British manufactured products, and over the next year we are striving to increase this further.

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