M4 Torch getting LED makeover

M4 Torch getting LED makeoverThe famous M4 Torch outdoor advertising display is having its current digital screens replaced with large scale LED boards that will make it more engaging and efficient than ever before.

The M4 Torch is operated by JCDecaux. The firm announced that the replacement process will take place on the 11th of October, when the existing displays will be replaced with a pair of LED boards measuring over 22 feet across. The quality of the image offered by these new displays is said to be three times that of their predecessors.

JCDecaux's Spencer Berwin said that the M4 Torch has been an innovative structure for years and after going digital three years ago, it has been one of the major landmarks in roadside signage that the UK has to offer.

Mr Berwin said that new and existing clients would be able to harness the upcoming LED displays and get their campaigns across to thousands of people in an engaging, original manner.

MediaCom's Jane Ratcliffe said that this focus on digital signage and outdoor displays would certainly benefit those lwanting to advertise outside of conventional media. She also said that the capabilities of the new LED displays would be enjoyed for many years and as the 2012 London Olympics approach, the sign will become an excellent tool for the organisers.

Firms can harness the M4 Torch with complex content and adverts can be uploaded to it for specific periods of time, to target consumers during the course of a short term promotional period.

Whilst the upgrade is taking place, the M4 Torch will continue to display advertising, but it will come in the form of a large wrapping that obscures the work going on inside, while promoting the Nat West banking group.

One point eight million people pass by the M4 Torch every seven days and it is the gateway to one of the UK's richest areas, Berkshire.

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