London Bike Show visitors entertained with flexible LED display

London Bike Show visitors entertained with flexible LED displayThe London Bike Show was one of the first events to use the cutting edge flexible LED display technology developed by NanoLumens, in order to keep delegates informed and entertained throughout its duration.

Standby, the firm behind the production for the convention, used the lightweight, malleable form of the LED display to act as a backdrop for live performances from professional stunt cyclists. It was suspended from the ceiling over the Skoda Bike Arena and was used to deliver messages from the event's sponsors, as well as showcase footage of superb cycling and the associated products.

Standby spokesperson, Dave Cooper, said that the firm had been the first company to take advantage of the flexible LED display technology which NanoLumens unveiled earlier in the year.

The LED display used at the event measured 122 inches across the diagonal and Mr Cooper remarked that the brightness and other aspects of the screen's performance were in keeping with what you might expect from modern LED systems. He did, however, point out that the supreme lightness of its build allowed for it to be installed without any overbearing structure to accompany it.

The range of flexible LED displays from NanoLumens are able to perform impressive feats. They can bend in four directions, allowing them to be wrapped around pillars with a curvature radius of up to a maximum of 48 inches.

Traditional LED displays can be expensive and complex to mount and install and in some cases are simply impractical to use. This was what made Standby and the other organisers of the London Bike Show opt for the next-gen flexible LED display.

LED technology is the only kind of display format which can be made into these flexible setups and with the emergence of OLEDs this will become even more impressive in the future.

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