Library fitted with digital signs

Library fitted with digital signsA US university library has been fitted with digital signs as part of a refurbishment project.

The Wahlstrom Library at the University of Brideport, Connecticut, recently underwent a digital refurbishment which has seen the introduction of digital books, signs and boards.

Students now have access to 80,000 journals and 50,000 books which are all electronically stored, according to the university.

In addition to digital books, visitors to the centre can use Smartboards which have replaced blackboards and allow students to work collectively on digital projects.

LED-based signs were installed in the premises and provide students with information regarding the centre.

Diane Mirvis, librarian, explained that the refurbishment will help students to learn quicker.

She said: "This speeds up the whole process and opens many worlds to explore for the intellectually curious.

"It certainly helps to raise the quality of academic life on campus and at the same time makes the library a friendly and comfortable place."

Meanwhile a church in Texas recently installed LED screens to beam broadcasts of services to its congregation.

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