LG confirms intention to launch flexible LED display for smartphones

LG confirms intention to launch flexible LED display for smartphonesThe battle between South Korean manufacturers, LG and Samsung, could be getting even more intense in the coming months as both companies have now confirmed that they are going to be mass producing flexible LED displays for upcoming products.

LG's Dr San Deog Yeo explained a number of interesting technical aspects of the new flexible LED display technology that the company has developed, in a statement published earlier this week.

He said that the panel will use organic LED technology which will measure 0.44mm thick. A screen size of around six inches is the target for this solution and it will weigh in at a fraction over seven grams.

LG said that its flexible LED displays will be virtually unbreakable, which is a claim that will no doubt be tested once the finished products are on the market.

It is thought that a phone called the LG Flex, while also referred to as the LG Z, could be the first to have a flexible LED display, although the release schedule remains a mystery and there is still a chance that Samsung could be the first to market with its own flexible phone.

LG also revealed this month that it has been developing the technology necessary to create flexible batteries. This is already being deployed in a more primitive form onboard its G2 handset.

The idea is that a battery need not be a single flat slab, but can be contoured and crenulated to fit into any gaps which are left inside of a phone, allowing it to have a larger capacity as a result.

LED displays are already energy efficient, so if you can boost the battery capacity of a smartphone without increasing its size, then this will bring big benefits.

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