Leeds-based radio station celebrates name change with LED signs

Leeds-based radio station celebrates name change with LED signsA range of new LED signs are being used to denote the recent arrival of Capital FM to the airwaves in and around the city of Leeds in Yorkshire.

Capital FM is part of the nation's biggest independent commercial radio organisation and has taken over the Galaxy FM brand in Leeds, to replace it with its well known moniker.

A selection of engaging LED-powered signs have been erected both inside and outside of the new headquarters for the station. The signs are programmed to shift colours depending on what is occurring within the studios, with red denoting that presenters are on the air, so that everyone in the building knows what is going on, where and when.

Capital FM executive, Mel Wills, said that he was pleased with the range of creative options which were afforded by using LED signs during the rebranding of the new Leeds arm of the station.

Signs like the LED units installed next to the studios are also arranged within the entrance hall of the offices, enhancing the brand and allowing for photo opportunities when the stream of celebrity guests pass through on their way to be interviewed live on air.

The LED signs were built to spec within five days of the order being placed as the organisation wanted to get the new offices ready for the launch of the station across Leeds within a very limited time scale.

LED signs are used by many different firms and organisations in order to establish their brands and enhance the impact of their logos across a range of different disciplines. This example shows how effective a rebranding exercise can become with the help of LED systems which can be arresting as well as functional.

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