LEDsynergy – Proud to be a British Manufacturer

Having recently celebrated 40 years of trading, Hampshire based LEDsynergy is one of the UK’s leading LED screen and display manufacturers. Producing a wide range of LED signage, from standard text displays through to stadium scoreboards, stock exchange tickers and digital billboards, LEDsynergy supplies displays to a wide range of industries and businesses, from Premier League football clubs to the military, the NHS and Transport for London.

However, there is one major difference between LEDsynergy and the majority of other UK based LED and tech manufacturers. As an established market leader, LEDsynergy has manufactured the majority of their products in the UK for decades.

The LEDsynergy team is incredibly proud of the fact that they design and develop all of their products and software at their premises in Andover, Hampshire, manufacturing over 80% of their LED products on UK soil.  It was in recognition of this long-standing commitment to British industry that they have recently been accepted as a member of ‘Made in Britain’.

Many of our competitors claim “UK leading manufacture”, it seems to be a default position and statement to make – albeit many have no premises or workshop.  Come here anytime and see displays being built.

Owner and managing director Jeremy Harwood explained: “We feel that we have a moral obligation to promote and support British manufacturing, particularly given the current economic climate. Being a British manufacturer is a badge of honour that we are very proud to wear and would strongly encourage others to do so too.”

The commitment to values has meant he’s had to ensure LEDsynergy’s supply chain is ethical and traceable, which made being UK manufacturer the logical choice.

Jeremy continued: “Customers often assume that by choosing to manufacture in the UK rather than China, the price of our products will be higher than those available elsewhere, but this simply isn’t true. Despite the fact that we are one of the only LED display businesses in the UK to manufacture our products here in the UK, our prices are still highly competitive and in fact quite often lower than our competitors who manufacture overseas. Yes, there are huge factories in China that will manufacture electronic products cheaply, but you then have to pay to ship them to the UK, which significantly increases costs!

Importantly you get what was promised not a product that for the sake of a few pounds has the quality reduced with the use of poor componenst.

We have found there to be so many benefits to manufacturing in the UK, such as the ability to speak to our warehouse staff during normal working hours with no time difference. If a customer comes to us with a bespoke rush job, we don’t have to worry about factoring in shipping time to import the products from the other side of the world, nor does the customer have to pay astronomical shipping fees to get them here quickly.

However, the most important thing for us about manufacturing in the UK is the ability to produce quality products with complete control over the manufacturing process. Unlike the mass-produced products that are churned out in China, our British made screens and displays are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, and it is this standard of workmanship which sets us apart from our competitors. Our guaranteed high level of quality and service has kept the same customers coming back to us for 40 years!”.

I would recommend LED Synergy to anyone considering purchasing an LED sign. We have had so many compliments since it was installed and it has been a valuable asset.

Tom Hughes

OSI Food Solutions