LEDsynergy goes to the Opera

Royal Albert HallBeing a leader in its field, LEDsynergy receives many enquiries for the most sophisticated and creative LED display solutions but some are slightly more unusual and challenging than others. One such project was when Raymond Gubbay, a classical music promoter and impresario based in London, wanted to add a ‘little something extra’ to a production of La Boheme he was staging at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the celebrations to mark his 40th anniversary of starting out as a promoter.

Raymond decided to use seven scrolling LED displays, which were purpose built and installed by LEDsynergy, around the Royal Albert Hall’s auditorium to enable the audience to also follow the libretto for La Boheme in a bid to enhance their enjoyment.

“We had previously and successfully implemented a similar installation at the Globe Theatre in East London for a production of Macbeth by a Swahili touring company, so we had a good idea how to complete this assignment but the ornate auditorium was not without its challenges,” explained LEDsynergy’s Jeremy Harwood. “We opted for four metre long ticker board each displaying 300mm high characters so we could include the best part of a short sentence on the display at any one time. The choice of colour was also important as we wanted it to be easy to read, but not distracting in the darkened auditorium, so opted for a soft green, mounted behind grey acrylic, which worked extremely well.”

The Libretto was uploaded into the PC based control system and transmitted over a secure WiFi link to each of the boards to minimise cabling. The boards were also used for additional messaging prior and post the performances so adding an extra feature for the theatre management to promote both its front of house services and future productions coming to the theatre.

Raymond Gubbay today presents more than seventy performances each year at London's Royal Albert Hall and hundreds more around the UK, in Europe and as far afield as Australia.

LED display solutions are typically used in sports stadia to display scoreboard information but increasingly they are adopting large screen, full colour LED based display systems to deliver greater impact and information.  Similarly the retail sector has embraced this technology over recent years and a growing number of prominent advertising boards are based on LED display technology.  

The humble ticker and static LED based display solutions are still in great demand for a wide range of applications from news boards in banks and factories through to general commercial signage. LEDsynergy has also recently completed a range of road signage including an overhead gantry systems for the toll booths across the River Severn and the M6 Toll through to an implementation of 76 traffic advice signs in the Old Trafford area of Manchester that can be individually updated with parking restriction information.


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