LEDsynergy - We Changed our Name.................

Formerley known as Piers Rogers (Electronics) Ltd, with the brand name of PolyComp Electronic Displays, we had very successfully become much more involved in custom design and integration with customers projects and applications.

With this change of direction, the company has expanded by employing more in house technical personnel and we have introduced a brand new range of LED products, offering greater flexibilty and more features.

Using modern manufacturing techniques we have also been able to demonstrate on many models a reduction in price, which we know will be very welcome by our customers.

To embrace these changes, we decided at the beginning of 2009 to implement a change of name to identify with these exciting developments, LEDsynergy.

With more in house design and technical integration, we are able to strengthen the working together ethos that we practice to ensure that systems and applications are supplied as required.

LEDsynergy has become a market leader in the field of Programmable Electronic Display Systems and is able to offer a vast range of displays to meet a wide variety of customer applications.

OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE OF LED DISPLAYS - Benefit from our extensive knowledge of the evolving technology.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - The experience and knowledge to manage LED projects from conception to completion.

BESPOKE DISPLAYS - From simple addition of graphics to complete customised board design.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION - Flexibility of design to assist and simplify integration into your existing systems, databases, management systems etc.

SOFTWARE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT - The ability to clearly understand and interpret the customers requirements to assist in the development and commissioning.

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