LEDs and glass combined for new lighting solution

LEDs and glass combined for new lighting solutionAn LED firm and a glass manufacturer have joined forces in order to create glass panels with integrated LEDs for outdoor illumination, LED displays and internal lighting.

AGC Glass Europe has agreed a deal with LED producer Traxon Technologies in order to produce everything from large scale LED displays with animations for entertainment through to interior lighting in public and private locations.

AGC already produces the Glassiled panels which combine LEDs with safety glass, but now it is going to be using more sustainable, effective technology supplied by Traxon in order to take its future products to a different level.

Shops and restaurants will be able to use the glass partitions to illuminate and engage guests, whilst public transport could also benefit from the strong, safe glass fittings combined with the convenience of LED lighting and its potential to be used as a display for information and advertising.

AGC's glass products will be fully modifiable to suit the needs of different clients, with the ability to create logos and images to promote brands. Using LED systems rather than fluorescent alternatives not only guarantees lower power consumption and extended operational periods, but also a reduced physical footprint and a manufacturing process that can produce products to fit in almost any space.

Traxon says that clients will be able to control the LED displays remotely and select from multiple settings with colour blending and effects stored in the panel's memory. It also believes that architects and interior designers from around the globe will be able to benefit from the new products, particularly when a green solution is required.

The two firms are hoping to develop their partnership and explore further areas in the future, with an international focus and various regional projects creating exciting new LED displays around the world.

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