LED Video Walls – Perfect For Exhibitions

Going to exhibitions, trade shows and networking events is a must for all businesses if they want to be seriously successful. You need to keep up to date with all the latest industry trends and also get out there to meet potential customers.

But as you’re sure to already know, it’s a fiercely competitive world out there for companies so you have to do whatever you can to really make your business and your goods and services really stand out from the crowd.

We’re lucky these days in that we’ve got a serious amount of technology at our disposal that can easily be leveraged by brands to bring customers flooding in. It would certainly be worth having a look to see what could be done at your next trade show or exhibition to make your stand more attractive and appealing than your competition’s… and to that end, you might want to consider using LED video walls to really give your stand the wow factor.

You want your content to really make an impact and video walls can certainly help you do this – and without much effort on your part, making it a real win-win. It costs a lot do to these trade shows so you need to make it count – make sure that you display a combination of your own marketing messages with corporate videos, as well as insider information about your company that’s likely to attract people to your stand.

Remember that these events are always incredibly busy and people will be flitting about between stands constantly, so you have to do all you can to make yours eye-catching so they stop in their tracks and give you an opportunity to really engage with them… half the battle when it comes to making a sale or getting someone to give you their personal information.

When it comes to your video display, make sure that you use the right kind of graphics and animations that really reflect what it is you do and what your particular brand stands for.

High resolution video is a must, of course, and consider the layout of your screens as this could prove to be very important. Positioning them at interesting angles could help attract more people – and you could even have touchscreens at your stand so that people can immediately interact with your brand as soon as they reach your stand.

Whatever you do, plan ahead if you’re going to be using these wall displays. Be aware, for example, that your technology may have specific cooling needs that will need to be taken into account and you’ll also need to make sure you have enough space at the show to accommodate your displays. The lighting in the exhibition space may also have an impact on the visibility of the content on the screen – which you’ll have to counteract. All this and more will need to be sorted well in advance of the trade show itself.

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