LED technology looks more attractive for hazard warnings

LED technology looks more attractive for hazard warningsAs the technology behind LED lighting continues to evolve and improve, so too does its chances of becoming the light source of choice for those looking to alert people to hazardous areas.

As well as offering companies a means by which to warn people of dangerous areas or highlight important information more effectively and efficiently, LED signs and lights can also appease green consciences and improve the environmental credentials of big businesses that start to adopt the technology.

Market analyst with IMS Research Marc Fernandez comments that improvements to LED technology itself have been the driving factor behind its increasingly frequent consideration as a suitable solution for identifying hazards.

Mr Fernandez used survey data gathered by his firm to point out that over the next three years a significant proportion of the market would be likely to begin using LED technology as a result of the benefits that it offers over traditional light sources.

Energy efficiency is of increasing importance to businesses worldwide as they gear up for the fight against climate change, but it is not just the lower power consumption of LED technology that appeals to so many firms; it is the lower maintenance requirements as well. With the minimal upkeep required of LED technology as opposed to fluorescent lighting, ever more man hours and energy can be saved in the long term.

Mr Fernandez added that the hazardous signage and lighting sector was currently booming as most businesses moved to replace their existing solutions in favour of a greener, cheaper alternative.

LED lighting is being adopted by some of the largest corporations in the world, with US retail giant WalMart recently announcing that it would be installing LED technology to light its 650 shops across America.

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