LED systems retrofitted in US stadium

LED systems retrofitted in US stadiumThe stadium that is home to the Washington Redskins American Football team is currently undergoing a complete LED makeover of its various display systems.

Many millions of dollars are being pumped into a new deal which will not only see brand new widescreen LED displays become an integral part of the stadium's information and entertainment systems, but which will also allow older fluorescent displays to be upgraded with the installation of LED alternatives, consuming far less energy.

The FedExField stadium is just one of many sporting arenas in the US that are benefiting from an audiovisual renovation after a leading NFL regulator said that teams would need to make the live sporting experience as comfortable and informative as it is for the home viewer.

Using LED displays to play back the intricacies of matches as they are captured by high definition cameras is a relatively new possibility for teams and it brings together the unparalleled atmosphere of a live event with the visual fidelity offered by the latest recording and display equipment.

The main LED display will be one hundred feet long and 28 feet high, replacing the original 4:3 ratio screen which could not cope with the wide screen images which are now broadcast from most live events.

The new LED displays will have a breathtaking palette of colours at their disposal, with a reported 4.4 trillion hues, producing incredibly realistic images.

LED systems are being integrated into various other aspects of the stadium, including time keeping and general information. The ribbon displays that run around certain portions of the field are having their fluorescent lighting removed and are being retrofitted with full colour LEDs, which means that older technology can be replaced without requiring the complete removal of existing systems.

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