LED systems enable festive savings

LED systems enable festive savingsEnergy experts in the US have been talking up the use of LED solutions when it comes to rigging festive lighting displays this Christmas, with falling prices and rising demand helping to expand this area of the market.

NBC reports that for an average household running around 600 traditional incandescent Christmas lights for a duration of six hours a day, the monthly cost will run to about 50.

This is a particular concern for families which are looking to cut spending this year in the wake of ongoing financial hardship.

However, if an LED system is used instead, with the same 600 individual bulbs present, then the monthly cost will be as low as 4, which is a significant saving.

The added benefit of choosing LED lighting is that this type of solution is fundamentally more durable, as well as being able to operate for much longer than older incandescent bulbs.

As such, you can keep using LED lighting year after year without having to replace any bulbs or worry about whether or not it can stand up to weather conditions.

LED lighting spokesperson, David Scanzoni, said that for households that will keep their Christmas lights in place for the best part of two and a half months, the availability of a much more energy efficient approach would be seen as very much beneficial.

It is not just individuals who benefit from the low energy consumption and significant longevity of LED systems, because many public lighting displays have been adapted across the UK this year, in order to help councils save cash and still make cities, towns and villages look great.

It seems inevitable that LED usage at this time of year will only increase, particularly if the cost of buying LED lights goes down.

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