LED solutions help Tesco improve store efficiency

LED solutions help Tesco improve store efficiencySupermarket giant, Tesco, has announced this month that it has converted one of its convenience stores into a venue which harnesses LED solutions for almost all of its lighting and signage requirements.

The Tesco Express store based in Loughborough, has started to use LEDs to illuminate external signs to attract customers inside, where the shop floor, food cabinets and other displays also use LED technology.

Even the staff area, which is never seen by customers, has its own LED lighting, with cold storage rooms and other out of the way areas also receiving the energy efficient overhaul.

Tesco said that as a result of the changes and the new use of LED solutions, it will be able to cut energy consumption at this store by 30 per cent, according to The Grocer.

Spokesperson, Emmily Sjolander, said that the company had come to appreciate the benefits of using LED technology in order to improve the eco-friendliness and sustainability of its bricks and mortar outlets.

She said that the Tesco Express chain of small convenience stores were particularly suitable for this type of solution, because the ceilings are lower and so LED lighting can be more effectively deployed in place of fluorescent alternatives.

The store in Loughborough is being used as a testing ground and Tesco believes that if it is able to see a marked decrease in the amount it has to spend on energy, as a result of the changes, then it will roll out similar solutions to other locations across the UK.

Adopting LED signage and lighting is certainly beneficial in many circumstances, particularly in a retail environment, when presentation is important and stores want to make their products look as appealing as possible so that customers come back for more.

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