LED solution enhances signage

LED solution enhances signageSignage has played an integral role in engaging consumers and encouraging sales for centuries, but with evolving technologies, it is possible to invent new ways of attracting attention to certain products and services.

Recently a new range of LED Standoffs, built for integration with signage, have been debuted in order to push the envelope of engagement even further.

The standoffs come with an array of six white LED units, each of which is integrated into the chrome body of the item, so that it can provide illumination for plexiglass signage and other types of public display.

Each standoff consumes less than half a watt of electricity and pumps out about 40 lumens of illumination. This may not sound like much, but then the purpose is not to blind passersby but rather catch their eye and get them to stop and look.

The LED systems in use here are particularly ideal for signage because their low energy consumption means that they will not be expensive to run, while the lack of excessive heat generation means that they are cool and efficient, as well as being able to provide accurate colour representation.

The creators have suggested a number of suitable venues in which this type of LED technology will be particularly advantageous for signage purposes.

This includes restaurants, high street retailers, museums and commercial buildings. As well as advertising products and highlighting services, the signage can be used for other purposes, such as illuminating information panels.

The use of full LED displays capable of showcasing colour video and imagery is increasingly common, but not necessarily the most cost-effective solution for every

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