LED signs play part in road safety and driver awareness

LED signs play part in road safety and driver awarenessLED displays are being used to run a campaign which encourages drivers to stick to the speed limit on roads in and around the American city of New York.

A series of LED signs arrayed along roadsides are being deployed to display adverts and full motion video, which will show drivers the dangers associated with exceeding the prescribed cap on speed which is enforced along specific stretches.

The image which is getting the most attention depicts a young girl's face alongside a skeleton, complete with the message that driving at 40 miles per hour in a 30 zone will increase the chances of killing anyone you hit to 70 per cent.

Brits may be familiar with this kind of shock advertising tactic, with previous harrowing TV spots dedicated to getting across the fact that driving at 30 miles per hour will give anyone who is hit an 80 per cent chance of survival.

Another use of LED systems will be to show speeding drivers an image of a skeleton rather than that of a normal crossing signal should their law breaking be detected. These non-punitive measures are certainly effective and difficult to forget in any rush, so those making their way around New York will hopefully take heed of the messages contained within.

A variety of full motion adverts will also be featured on the LED displays, although UK viewers will perhaps be surprised at how mildly the information is conveyed. The graphic nature of ads has not made it across the pond and, instead, a slightly more informal, jokey style is employed.

Reinforcing the reasons for the 30 speed limit in a city where there will doubtlessly be many who break it is definitely a good thing and using high impact LED displays will make the implications of speeding clear.

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