LED signs and digital displays harnessed for anti-binge drinking ad campaign

LED signs and digital displays harnessed for anti-binge drinking ad campaignDrinkaware, the charity which raises public awareness about the dangers of alcohol abuse, is set to invest millions of pounds in a new advertising campaign that targets young binge drinkers, via LED displays and digital signage.

The target age group for the 'Why Let Good Times Go Bad?' campaign is 18-24 year olds and is a smaller part of a five year initiative that is costing �100 million.

The purpose of the campaign is to give young adults who are drinking excessively the right kind of advice to help them avoid the dangers of binging and still have a great time.

Over 50 different LED and digital signage systems in 17 of the UK's most popular shopping centres will be harnessed to spread the campaign's message. This will be in combination with LED displays located in train stations, which will give out information during the busiest periods, so that the campaign may have an impact on the widest possible audience.

Many of the alcohol industry's biggest names will be contributing to the campaign with material that exists outside of the digital realm. Drinkaware is even taking advantage of the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook to engage with young people.

Drinkaware's CEO Chris Sorek, said that the organisation was aiming to point youngsters in the right direction, not take them by the wrist and make them drink less. He said that because of the industry investment, this campaign was not going to require the taxpayer to foot the bill.

Mr Sorek said that by targeting adults with LED signs and digital screens while they are out and about, as well as by harnessing more traditional methods in print and in-store, the campaign leaders were hoping to succeed.

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