LED signs act as "visual cues"

LED signs act as "visual cues"LED signs are helping New York residents navigate their way around the city.

The signs were recently installed on a subway line that has traditionally caused confusion among passengers.

Line 7 carries both express and slower running trains but travellers have had difficulty distinguishing between the two.

This has led to delays as they hold doors open to ask other passengers for information.

However, LED signs currently inform passengers which train is expected with express trains identified by a red diamond and slower trains denoted by a green circle.

John Hoban, general manager of the line, explained that the LED signs help to improve passengers' journeys.

"It's a visual cue. They're bright, unmistakable, and frankly they're visible from a long way off," he said.

"Now we've come up with a very simple iconography."

In other news, a US college recently installed LED signs to help students navigate around its campus.

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