LED signage range expanded by NEC

LED signage range expanded by NECNew LED displays from NEC promise to be some of the thinnest ever created for the purposes of digital signage, providing high resolution screens for integration into video walls or solo use.

The LED backlit displays in the X Series from NEC are intended to be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure that they can fit in well with the demanding tasks associated with video wall operation in public places and at high profile events.

The LED backlighting is arrayed across the entirety of the screen, giving an even, consistent level of lighting across the entire LCD panel, where other edge-lit displays can look washed out or suffer from a haloing effect.

The 55 inch X Series model is just a hair over four centimetres deep and adjacent screens will only have five and a half millimetres separating the active areas of the displays, making for one of the most seamless video wall experiences around.

NEC's Rachel Karnani, said that the integration of these displays into a typical video wall would allow users to display full HD 1080p content without any trouble. She also said that with each screen measuring 55 inches across the diagonal, there would be a lot of power in the visual impact of any setup into which they are placed.

The new X Series monitors make use of the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) which has been developed in tandem by NEC and chip manufacturer Intel. This is intended to be a universal standard for the digital signage industry and it is hoped that it will make sure that these LED displays are futureproof and flexible enough to be used in a number of environments, from retail outlets to trade shows and much farther beyond.

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