LED signage helps rebuild tornado struck town

LED signage helps rebuild tornado struck townLED signs might not be the first thing to come to mind as people begin to rebuild a town struck by a tornado, but the technology has proved an important part of the renovation work in the US town of Chapman, Kansas.

The town was left devastated by a tornado in 2008, but a new series charting the areaÂ’s rebuilding work highlights the importance of low-cost, energy efficient LED signage in helping get the town back on its feet.

The LEDs were used not just to provide signs, but also to deliver light and illuminate the entrance to Chapman.

“After receiving a request from a group of volunteers from the University of Kansas, we felt compelled to assist the team’s efforts in rebuilding the community,” said Michael Sonnenfeldt, chairman of Sol Inc.

The rebuilding in Chapman will be broadcast on US television as part of an ‘Extreme makeover’ programme.

LED signs have already been used in London to light up the sky, with the recently-opened Pan Peninsula building using LED lights for a spectacular opening display.

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