LED Screens Soar In Popularity During World Cup

LED screens are being pushed to the forefront by the World Cup, as the largest LED screen ever used outdoors was unveiled for the Denmark vs Peru game in Copenhagen.

 TV2 television channel and Telia Parken, with ROE Visual LED panels supplied by Mediatec arranged for the erection of a 22 by 12m LED screen at Denmark’s national stadium so 26,000 fans could watch the match screened live from Russia.

The prominence of this event demonstrates just how important LED displays are going to be for screenings of the future, with more and more cinemas opting for LED screens over and above traditional projectors.

While Denmark had the biggest LED screen it wasn’t the only place. In fact fans were also able to watch the England vs Belgium match on an LED screen at The Source Bar in Maidstone. They promised an LED “bigger than a Luton van”.

Interestingly the World Cup was expected to not only boost sales in pubs around the world, but also sales of big screen televisions, particularly across the UK.

John Lewis, despite later revealing a drop in profits, has reported that it sold 140 per cent more big screens the opening day of the World Cup than usual. They were particularly for televisions over 55 inches and 70 inches.

Though these are not LED screens it shows the growing appetite around the world for better, and enhanced big screen viewing which could soon be provided by superior LED technology.

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