LED screens for yoga company Gaiam in Maceys

Gaiam is a leading lifestyle brand focused on making yoga and fitness accessible for everyone. It has approximately 38,000 retail environments, so when Maceys began a new initiative to transform a retail  location into the 'Store of the Future' they approached Gaiam with an opportunity to create a completely new and exciting retail environment incorporating LED technology.

“As a fitness and wellness brand partner of Macy’s, we were very excited about the opportunity to take part in their technology renovation and feature a space in their ‘Store of the Future,’” said Hannah Gilmore, Gaiam’s Visual Merchandising Manager. “The primary objective of the redesign was to demonstrate what the future of the Macy’s retail experience is going to be, so we truly had to make an impact with our design. We have used LED video in the past to engage our consumers, but never at this scale. As this was the ‘Store of the Future,’ we needed state-of-the-art digital technology."

Gaiam was introduced to a Dallas based media company who had been working with Maceys for some years as their in store digital media partner.

The LED video screen had to be installed easily and be able to operate efficiently in a retail store environment with a smaller LED pitch to produce a high definition display.

The digital experience needed to be the main focus point drawing the customers into the retail space. The LED video wall installed ended up being about 6 feet wide by 10 feet high and once the grid structure was installed the LED modules quickly locked together creating a seamless digital wall.

With the LED video wall in place, it was time to give life to the new retail visual experience using the motion graphic content created by Gaiam specifically for the Macy’s 'Store of the Future.'

Gilmore explained further, “The motion graphic included User Generated Content from Gaiam gurus across the nation along with a custom video that showcases Macy’s-exclusive apparel and hardgoods. We wanted the presentation to show how anyone can easily incorporate yoga and fitness into their individual lifestyle. The final product was a 5-minute video that relates to a broad audience. The LED video technology truly provided the seamless integration we sought and it was crucial in making our retail experience cohesive.”

With the introduction and development of new technologies, particularly LED, the retailers of today are able to compete with the growing trend of online shopping. The screens enhance the shopping experience and retailers are able to get promotional information and videos directly to its shoppers on the shop floor.

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