LED Panels Light Up Paris Catwalk



Paris Fashion Week is always an incredible showcase of ingenuity, innovation and beautiful designs and the event at the end of September this year didn’t disappoint.

One runway in particular garnered a lot of attention - that of Balenciaga, which used a curved LED panel tunnel to really wow audiences and showcase its designs in a different light.

AV Interactive reported on the installation, which used a 7,000 infiLED panel tunnel to great effect. Images of programming code, computer start-up messages and the periodic table were displayed on the walls of the tunnel - and these images reflected off the high-shine of the catwalk too.

Those watching the models strut down the catwalk were seated within the LED tunnel as well, which meant they experienced the full effect in what was a highly immersive show.

The aim, according to the fashion house, was to highlight the impact of technology on society. The design of the set, and what was broadcast on the LED displays, came from filmmaker and artist Jon Rafman.

Ben DaCosta, cofounder and managing director of infiLED, told the news provider that the project “really pushed the boundaries of visual media created with LED panels, and was hailed as one of the most talked-about shows of the iconic Paris Fashion Week”. 

LED displays present a host of opportunities to businesses and organisations of all kinds. As well as being used to create experiences such as the Balenciaga catwalk, they can also be used to great effect for advertising.

Southampton Football Club is just one organisation that’s seen the potential for augmented reality LED advertising displays. These have been installed at its ground and enable broadcasters to show region-specific pitch-side advertising during their televised coverage of matches.

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