LED overhaul helps Cape Town International Convention Centre go green

LED overhaul helps Cape Town International Convention Centre go greenAn investment of almost �700,000 has helped with the recent renovation of the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) in South Africa, with LED systems acting as the stars of the show, as its owners look to make it a greener, cleaner place to hold conferences and events.

Of the total investment pot, close to �440,000 was spent on installing LED systems, including lighting and signage, throughout the venue. This green portion of the budget was also dedicated to install energy saving plumbing in the bathrooms which will reduce water waste and also make using the taps more hygienic.

CTICC spokesperson and CO, Joey Pather, said that competition amongst convention centres around the world was becoming particularly stiff and he indicated that the improvements made to Cape Town's premiere hosting venue were part of its push to remain relevant in the modern age.

Mr Pather said that the efficient LED signage and the enhanced lighting which is automatically adjusted to suit the ambient conditions of each room, were both part of the CTICC's push to become a leading convention centre by the year 2020. This will allow it to become a viable choice for international events which can have their pick of many large venues across the globe.

The LED signage is more than just a means of cutting costs and improving the green credentials of the CTICC. It is intended to engage with the visitors and provide them with the information they need, while being flexible enough for those controlling it to make on the fly adjustments and roll out real time updates, so that everyone is in the loop during their stay.

The fact that convention centres are competing with one another to become greener and more energy efficient can only be seen as a good thing.

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