LED mesh display developed

LED mesh display developedA new LED display has joined the ranks of other large screens in New York's Times Square, although this addition bears the unusual distinction of coming from ADTI Media's SkyNet range.

The LED display covers an area of 2000 square feet and is a fifth larger than the screen which it replaces.

Because it will be viewed in both daylight and after dark conditions, it has been necessary to endow the display with a high brightness level of 8000 nits.

A number of big name advertisers have already signed on to harness the LED display in order to run marketing campaigns in one of the world's most famous tourist attractions.

The digital nature of the LED display, which can be used to showcase full motion video in colour from a number of different ad firms, means that it can generate property owners up to eight times the revenue of a more traditional, static advertisement hoarding.

The mesh-based nature of this SkyNet LED display means that it offers other benefits, the main one being that it is inexpensive to install and maintain, even when compared with other LED screens of a similar size.

The LED display mesh is made up of multiple panels which measure 0.8 metres wide and weigh in at just under 15 kilos per square metre. This also means that the display can be adapted to fit the building on which it is to be placed, not the other way around.

The new LED display on Times Square has plenty of competition. However, it has a prime position on a building directly behind where the famous New Year's Eve ball drops, which means that it should get lots of attention from passers-by, whether they are local New Yorkers or visitors to the Big Apple.

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