LED mask claims to cure skin ailments

LED mask claims to cure skin ailmentsA new facial mask that features a network of LEDs has been launched to improve the health of the user's skin by shining LED light onto it.

The creator says that the mask uses the LED light to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and that the mask can help in minimising spots and improving other areas of imperfection.

The device is claimed to help the body generate vitamin D in the skin and simultaneously invokes the creation of serotonin in the brain, giving the user a feeling of calm and contentedness.

The LED mask, which is known as the Light Masque, beams red LED light onto the face of the user for a little under half an hour at a time. The emitted light is close to the infrared part of the spectrum and the network of LEDs are held in place by clear plastic, making the wearer look decided odd.

The Light Masque is currently being trialled by alternative health therapist John Tsagaris in London and according to Mr Tsagaris, this LED-based beauty product is the result of NASA experiments.

In the US there have apparently been many years of research into the effects of LED lighting on various government personnel. NASA has found that LED lights are able to boost the morale of astronauts and soldiers, giving them more energy and enthusiasm.

The light emitted from the LED mask is sent out in pulses of differing brightness, with some briefly becoming three times brighter than the sun. LED light is apparently kinder to the skin than alternative laser-based treatments and the near-infrared light is able to stimulate the production of collagen in users.

Keen consumers can buy an LED Light Masque to use in their own homes, or experience it as part of a treatment.

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