LED lights used for regeneration project

LED lights used for regeneration projectA landmark in a Hertfordshire town is glowing with LED lights following a regeneration project.

The 170-year-old Stephenson Bridge in Watford was recently installed with LED lights as part of campaign to clean-up the local area.

Approximately 7,500 vehicles travel under the bridge during busy times, which contributes to grime and pollution in the area.

Dorothy Thornhill, Elected Mayor of the town, explained that the innovative bulbs were used to decorate the bridge following an outcry from residents.

She said: "The impetus for the improvements came from residents who contacted me rightly complaining about the eyesore that the Arches had become.

"The idea behind this project was to transform Bushey Arches from a tired location in a busy area, into an impressive and environmentally sustainable gateway to Watford."

In addition to LED lights, funds from the project were used to replace old road signs and introduce plants into the area.

According to the Witney Gazette, councillors from West Oxfordshire recently erected LED signs to provide motorists with travel information.

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