LED lights to 'improve lives'

LED lights to 'improve lives'Schoolchildren living in rural Africa will soon receive LED lights as part of a literacy scheme.

Launched by Royal Philips Electronics and the Dutch government, the initiative aims to help schoolchildren complete their homework after nightfall.

Figures from the company indicate that 500 million people on the continent do not have access to electricity and this can prevent children from reading.

However, the solar-powered LED lights will allow students to do their schoolwork and may increase literacy rates.

Rudy Provoost, chief executive of Philips Lighting, explained that as well helping schoolchildren to read, the LED lights will have a positive impact on the environment.

"The lives of people in Africa will be generally improved; LEDs result in a very low carbon footprint and companies offering the right solutions stand to gain."

Called My Reading Light, the devices can be attached to books and feature rechargeable batteries.

According to the Daily Sun, volunteers from Light Up the World Foundation are trekking in Nepal to deliver LED bulbs to rural communities.

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