LED lights fitted on angling boat

LED lights fitted on angling boatA US professional angler has installed LED lights on his boat to help him win a competition.

Randy Howell, from Alabama, will soon take part in the Bassmaster Elite Series which sees him competing with fishing experts, Bass Zone reports.

Blue Water LED recently stepped forward to offer its innovative LED lights to the angler while he competes.

Mike Daleo, from the firm, is confident that the bulbs will secure a win for Mr Howell.

The lights have been incorporated into the boat and Mr Howell explained that the clarity of the lamps will help him when night falls.

"Not only will it give me more light to organise and work on tackle at night and before take-off, it will also turn a lot of heads at the boat ramp as well," he told the publication.

"I am looking forward to pulling my Triton and Mercury into the Classic arena and lighting it up with Blue Waters colour coordinated LED lights."

The company supplies a range of LED lights for other vehicles such as lorries.

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